Tips and Tricks For Taking the Perfect Selfie

Tips and Tricks For Taking the Perfect Selfie

Taking a selfie has become the normal thing to do when looking and feeling good. It is no wonder why you constantly see people capturing an image anywhere they are. Whether on the streets, in their car, or even just at home getting ready, people are uploading photos to Instagram, Facebook, and more. No matter who you are, it is likely that you have captured a self-portrait in one form or another, and there is no shame in that! We should all show off how we look and capture those beautiful moments that make us unique. Although taking a photo of yourself might be a simple concept, it is often difficult to capture the perfect one. You may sit there taking picture after picture, but never truly feel satisfied with the outcome. We at Love My Selfie understand what it takes to create the perfect image. Whether a selfie or a cute couple photo, we wanted to share some tips on what you can do to struggle less and selfie more!


Be Confident

The most important thing to do is have confidence in yourself. This is a hard ask for some individuals, because you either tend to have it or you don’t. You should keep in mind that everyone is unique and shouldn't be judged for how they look, especially within a photo. It is so easy to let the voice inside your head take over when taking a selfie; whether you are surrounded by people or alone in your room, doubt can slowly creep in. It may feel that others are judging you for what you are doing, but they are likely in the same situation. The simple truth is that most people do not notice or even care about what others are doing since they are so busy living their lives.

If having confidence in yourself is something you will always struggle with, then it's time to fake it until you make it! You don’t want your photos to come out badly due to awkward body language, so make sure you take note of the following tips to enhance your confidence and overall appeal.


Find the Right Lighting

The type of lighting you have in your photos will determine how well they come out. It does not matter if you are a professional model with the perfect pose — you will not look your best in the wrong light. The adverse outcomes of lousy lighting include the terrible shadows created that distort your face and make an unnatural aura. In contrast, adequate lighting complements your good features and hides any spots or blemishes.

The worst kind of light is one that comes directly from above you, as this casts shadows downwards onto your face, creating an unappealing visual. In comparison, the best form of light is one that is now in front of you, such as standing by a window, as this creates an even look that hides any issues. The sun is often a great source of light to utilize within your selfies. Still, you want to avoid capturing images midday as the rays can be too harsh and diminish the quality. All in all, you want your light source to be directly in front of you while always avoiding it coming in from above, behind, or below!


Focus on Angles and Posing

Angles and facial expressions can make or break you while taking a selfie. You want to portray a natural look, as a forced facial expression can be unattractive. Here are a few tips:

  • Squint your eyes slightly, avoiding an eye-bulging or closed eye look

  • Have a slight smile, showing some teeth if you’d like

  • Square your jaw by pointing your nose towards the camera

  • Angle your body towards the camera, as this will provide a slim appearance

  • Turn your face slightly to one side

Most people have a particular side of the face they lean towards for angles. If you have not found yours, try moving the phone around, making sure not to raise it too high or too low. Angles are very subjective and differ from person to person, so make sure to play around with it, and you should eventually find your right one!


Visit a Selfie Museum for Backgrounds

One of the best ways to enhance your selfie game is by having an impressive background! Love My Selfie has created a fantastic selfie studio that promotes an interactive social space through art and creativity. We have portrait backgrounds with a wide range of colors, shades, and themes to make any picture memorable. We established our location to be similar to a museum. We have numerous selfie rooms created by multiple artists that are ready to be used for any Instagram photo!

All of our rooms are equipped with adequate space and lighting to assure you the best opportunity to capture your perfect photo. It is a fun experience to enjoy with your family, a significant other, your children, and even your pets!

Taking a photo of yourself might be a bit intimidating. Still, it is an excellent form of expression that will allow you to feel as special as you are! Although it may be difficult, consider the tips we have shared to improve your involvement. If you want some fun backgrounds for your images, experience the fun at Love My Selfie today!

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